2.consultant 与 comselor 区别

3.consultation 和consulting的区别是什么

4.counsellor 同 consultant 有什么区别?





consultant 与 comselor 区别

       首先是词性上的不同:consult为动词,而consultant是名词;其次是词义:A consultant is an experienced doctor with a high position, who specializes in one area of medicine. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use specialist)专科医生;A consultant is a person who gives expert advice to a person or organization on a particular subject.咨询师;而consult作为动词只具有咨询和请教的意思,和consultant的第一个意思专科医生并没有太大的关系!

consultation 和consulting的区别是什么


       consultant顾问,英语解释:a person who gives specialist professional advice to others

       counselor顾问,咨询员,英语解释:an adviser

counsellor 同 consultant 有什么区别?

       1.consult 动词= "consult an expert/ a teacher" 请教;"consult a doctor"就诊; 商量:"He consulted with me about what we should do next."

       2.consultation名词=咨询 (How much does he charge for a consultation?);

       3.consultant名词=顾问 " He works as a consultant." 形容词= a consulting surgeon 会诊医生; a consulting engineer 顾问工程师 动词= "They must not feel the decision has been made without consulting their feelings./ He is consulting his teacher now as to what to do next."




       n. 顾问


       His elder sister has been his guide, counsellor and friend.



       n. 顾问


       Of all the consultants, only Mr. Wang gave us some proposals in point.

       所有的顾问当中, 只有王先生提了一些中肯的建议。

       The Home Secretary asked a consultant psychiatrist to determine whether she ought to be released(or transferred to hospital) on health grounds.


       The spy's cover was that she was a consultant engineer.